Designing educational processes (Digitalisation II)

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Call for proposals: Designing educational processes in the context of digital transformation (Digitalisation II)
Funding period: from 2020
Field of action: Digitalisation and education

Objectives of the funding measure
Networked, digital media offer a vast array of previously unknown educational opportunities. They influence educational processes and profoundly change the way we learn and teach. The boundaries between formal, non-formal and informal educational opportunities are becoming blurred. Transitions between educational stages are becoming more permeable across an individual’s lifespan. The object of this call for proposals is therefore to provide funding for projects that deal with the potential of digital media in individual and collective educational processes as well as focusing on the design of such processes in the context of digitalisation. Thus, the research topic goes far beyond questions of technical equipment, infrastructural measures or e-learning processes.

The aim of the funding is to generate evidence-based findings for implementation in practice and to identify and work on relevant issues and challenges. The intention is to research and develop practical design approaches and scientifically evaluate their implementation.

Link to funding directive:

Richtlinie zur Förderung von Zuwendungen für Forschung zur „Gestaltung von Bildungsprozessen unter den Bedingungen des digitalen Wandels“ (Digitalisierung II)

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