Funding for interdisciplinarity and internationalisation

Empirical educational research examines a wide range of issues that affect the lives of each and every individual. Therefore, it is necessary to examine these issues using different educational science approaches as well as from the perspective of different subject disciplines.

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In the Framework Programme for Empirical Educational Research, the BMBF specifically funds interdisciplinary research. This addresses educational sciences, psychology, general and subject methodology, sociology, political, economic and administrative sciences, neurosciences and, depending on the subject area, other disciplines as well. Successful educational research must be internationally networked – especially in a globalised world. The BMBF therefore supports the internationalisation of empirical educational research in Germany.

Internationalisation in project funding

In the context of project funding, the participating researchers have the opportunity to apply for travel funds and other resources to support international cooperation – for example, in order to attend international conferences at home and abroad, undertake research stays at institutes abroad or invite guest researchers from abroad.

Building up international networks 

A funding directive to strengthen European cooperation in educational research within the framework of the funding programme ‘The European Innovation Union – German Impulses for the European Research Area (ERA)’ provides structural support for the establishment and expansion of international cooperation. In addition to networking among education researchers, the projects are also especially concerned with promoting exchange with practitioners and other stakeholders. Networking helps to bring together existing knowledge for improving education and to harness this knowledge for the stakeholders, but it also helps to prepare new research activities. Further information on the funded networking projects can be found here.