Knowledge transfer in cultural education

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How can researchers harness their findings to strengthen educational practice? How can we actively shape the transfer of knowledge from research to practice and vice versa? Which formats are particularly suitable?

Against the backdrop of these questions, the project has set itself the goal of promoting the rapid transfer of individual research results into practice as concretely as possible. To achieve this, the participating researchers are expected to work together with a particular target group of practitioners to derive specific concepts for action from the research results. On the other hand, the project aims to develop a model, in the form of suitable formats and methods, that enables the successful transfer of knowledge from research to practice, but also vice versa from practice to research.

To this end, the researchers are testing five event formats over the course of a year and analysing these formats using qualitative evaluation research. Based on these findings, they will further develop the event formats and devise a model for knowledge transfer in cultural education.
Looking ahead, the project aims to support current and future research projects in identifying research questions and designing approaches that perceive and actively integrate the specific discourse of practice. The project cooperates closely with the meta-projects and the projects in the current BMBF funding directives ‘Research on digitalisation in cultural education’ and ‘Research on cultural education in rural areas’.

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