Promotion of emerging researchers

Providing targeted and sustainable support for emerging researchers is an important structural goal of the Framework Programme for Empirical Educational Research. The BMBF therefore funds relevant project posts and facilitates networking and qualification events for emerging researchers.

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Until now, the BMBF worked jointly with the Leibniz Association (WGL) and the Jacobs Foundation at the College for Interdisciplinary Educational Research to provide funding for postdoctoral researchers. This funding has now been made permanent by the Leibniz Association. Moving forward, postdoctoral researchers will also be funded via new formats in the Framework Programme for Empirical Educational Research. For example, by heading an emerging researchers group , early-career researchers will be given the opportunity to develop and implement their own innovative projects on a research question from the scope of the framework programme or from university research. In addition, funding is planned for new event formats for emerging researchers.

Educational research encompasses many different reference disciplines. Therefore, funding for emerging researchers in the framework programme places special emphasis on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary work and specifically supports emerging researchers in acquiring knowledge of appropriate methods and instruments. In addition, as part of the promotion of emerging researchers, it is also important that researchers and practitioners work together and enter into joint dialogue.